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ANGEL ARTS Une autre façon d’accéder à l’art contemporain Des achats en quelques clics Une sélection qualitative pour les collectionneurs et amateurs d’art Originaux, digigraphies ou reproductions d’art : des prix accessibles à tous.

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Sale of contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs and other art media

Presenting works of so-called contemporary art allows for the unveiling of men and women who occupy the artistic space in a time period that ranges from the mid-"50s to the present.

We are thus confronted with unknown or renowned artists who make up some of the 75,000 individuals declared to the House of Artists and who we will find on and in this platform. The accession of all to contemporary art makes us discover Atlan, Alechinsky and the Cobra movement, Mondrian, Pollock of the masters of abstraction.

And today how not to quote Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Zlotykamien or in another kind Olivier de Sagazan who represent the street-art, the urban art, the performances and the plastic art.

Contemporary painting

Knowing that contemporary painting came into being in the middle of the twentieth century we clearly see the gap between modern art and contemporary art as the ancients and the moderns were. We realize that modern art becomes an art of informed collector, Graffiti becomes art with jean Michel Basquiat, as Andy Warhol master of Pop art has accompanied the Urban Art of Keith Haring.
Contemporary painting denotes a new awakening and great curiosity, this painting promotes imagination and new forms, proposes a "liberal" vision and recreates a new and experimental artistic vein.

Modern sculpture

The experimentations begin from 1920 with Marcel Duchamp and is perpetuated during thirty years with Giacometti, Brancusi and Picasso which opens the doors with a revolutionary sculpture to see anti-social.
From the assembly to the installation it is for the artists a field without constraint which opens with them, they can use the most various materials, liquid, solid, organic, mineral to see gaseous, it is an art opened with all the experiments which opens with the artists of the assembly.

Art Photography

Photography, is not the poor relation of your collections, it is an economical way to start your passion of the visual arts.
It is recently, that photography is considered as an art like the others. With the hindsight of a hundred years the field of possibilities opens to collectors, events such as, Fotofever, meetings of Arles, or Paris-Photo finally put forward photographers unavoidable, Sophie Calle, Willy Ronis, Edouard Boubat, Leon Herschritt, JR, who have propelled photography today to the rank of work of art.

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