Francky Criquet

Francky Criquet, born on 19/10/68 in La Flèche, France is a painter who is interested in other artistic fields like poetry, writing or sculpture.

A childhood with brushes

Early in his childhood, he was noticed for his talent since at the age of 10, his elementary school invited him to create a mural on the walls of the establishment. Two years later, in 1980, it is the colleague in which he studies that allows him to realize his second mural painting. It is moreover this same year that he wins the "first prize of the competition of the Young Painting, organized by the city of Le Mans, one of the great cities of the Great French West.

Restoration of works & antiquity

During his teenage years, he continued to perfect his technique by restoring prints and paintings. He decided to sell works himself at the age of 18 at antique shows or markets. At that time, he even took commissions from antique dealers who recognized the quality of his work. Some of his work actually ends up in museums like the Nantes Museum of Art or in collectors' shows.

Art in all its forms

In his twenties, painting is no longer his only interest: he starts to do ceramics, sculpture, he begins to give his first courses and develops a great interest for theater, writing short stories and poems. Francky Criquet's art was then exhibited in Nantes in various workshops before leaving to live abroad.

1995, the year of the artistic pilgrimage

Then on the south coast of Spain, the artist met the Spanish painter Julio Fernandez Ceballos Montalban and became his student. He spent a year with him before leaving for the United Kingdom. There, he painted a lot of pictures: more than 300 cents.

Back in France to shine elsewhere

Back on his native land, Francky Criquet will continue to paint in a frenetic way and will start to exhibit in Marseille, Lyon and Paris. The year 2003 will sign the real opening to the international with exhibitions in the Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, and even in the United States, in New York & Miami.

A few years later, a new country opened up to his art: China. Through his gallery Sangshan Art, he organizes exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou in addition to his usual places.

Francky Criquet according to Angel Arts

The art of Francky Criquet is of great strength. Sometimes violent, but often tender, expressionist, it inspires its lovers emotional reactions like no other. The works, tragic or sentimental, are rich in symbols explored by an uncommon imagination.

The mythological themes and the omnipresence of animals serve as the main threads in the messages of the artist, who has developed a very particular vision and pictorial technique. His expressionist, even neo-expressionist style links him to a figurative painting, with a violently emotional style and provocative iconography.







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