Alissa Thor

Artist Biography

Born in Paris in 1974, this self-taught artist lives in Paris and works in Rouen. She studied Literature and Philosophy and became a documentalist in the National Education for 12 years. Since 2011, she devotes herself exclusively to painting and writing (poetry).

Long time "nerd" and taking pleasure in handling abstractions, I had the radical need to break and confront myself directly with the material: to take life, by the other end if you will. From then on, painting, and more particularly oil, was the ideal field of experimentation: to act and act instinctively... to find one's breath, one's rhythm, one's body.

Where in poetry it is a matter of refining, here it is necessary to "stop" in time: deletion or addition, to make papable by adding or not... a layer. Expressionism is naturally the movement that "speaks" to me the most...

The art of Alissa Thor

Alissa is an expressionist at heart, which she embellishes with another passion besides painting Writing and more specifically poetry.

It is only recently that she has devoted herself to painting, in fact her agrégation in modern literature has long confined her to following a path as a documentalist in national education.

She defined herself as an intellectual who realized an unyielding desire to break with her main activity and confront herself with the material, oil in this case. At that moment painting and oil in particular was a wonderful initiatory and experimental path she found her breath and her rhythm she defined her limits and understood that oil also had its limits, to know how to stop the line.

All that remains is to define her objectives and the space she wishes to give to her passion but it would seem that today she does not want to leave it.







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